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I was a skeptic....
The hardest part of my life was losing people that I have loved. Not understanding why somebody was taken away from me so soon in life caused alot of anger, depression and questioned my faith. One thing that was able to change all that was when me, my wife and some friends were going to see a Medium named Sandy. I had doubt like most people but was open to whatever may happen. I had lost my best friend to an asthma attack one night when he returned from work. He was Jewish and when we attended his funeral service I  kept his yamaka. Before going to see Sandy that night I had placed the yamaka in my pocket without telling anybody. I had always seen on television how people are wearing jewelry and carry items on them, but never a yamaka!!!. As she began her reading, she immediately asked who had recently got a tattoo with wings in honor of their friend. Two days prior I had gotten a tattoo of an angel, so I assumed it was me. As Sandy went along I had some doubt until she knew things nobody in that room would know. Such as my friends name, how he passed, that my brother had just gotten engaged, described my house and a vacation we had just went on. I actually pulled my wife aside and asked if she had set this up to make me feel better because there was no way of knowing some other personal information. I could not believe it, but Sandy knew that I had the yamaka in my rear pocket. I took it out and could not stop crying because at that very moment I knew that my friend was not gone, he was still here with us just not in the physical world.
After that night I continued to stay in touch with Sandy and with my father suffering from cancer I knew one day I would come to her for a reading and my dad would come through. In April  2013 my father and I were in his hospital room and he knew that I had spoken to Sandy. I told my father that when he wants to let us know everything is ok after he passes he will tell Sandy to mention the pool chalk that I had brought to the hospital. Just after my father passed I had reached out to Sandy and she was able to describe the pool chalk and the flowers at his funeral that we had designed into a rack of pool balls. There were so many other personal things that she validated that only my father could have told her.
After seeing people have readings on television and hearing stories, I never thought one day I would believe that I would be able to receive messages from people who have left the physical world. I thank Sandy for allowing me to experience her gift. If there is anybody who doesn't believe, Sandy has the ability to prove that there is something more after we pass. I would like to thank Sandy for restoring faith in my life and bringing happiness and comfort.
Not a skeptic,

David DeMainto

"After seeing Sandy, I'm convinced there's life after death. I'm as unequivocally certain of it as I am about the force of gravity keeping me in my seat as I write this.  Without  pretense, ego or new-agey nonsense, she bridges the divide between this side and the other and communicates lessons, laughs and love from our loved ones who have passed on."  - Gabe Berman author of Live Like A Fruit Fly - The Secret You Already Know

I just want to say THANK YOU for yesterdays phone reading. I heard from people that I love and miss so much!!! Looking forward to meeting you.  You can put a smile on peoples faces and cry at the same time.
What A GIFT!!!    
Bless You -  Kathy M.

Hi Sandy-
The group readings that you have done at my home have been right on the mark and very well received.  Your accuracy with names and events is uncanny and very impressive.  Everyone, in each group that you have read, was blown away and asked to be invited to future events.  When you read me one on one, you knew things that were personal about my family and gave me information about my work that was very validating.  When you told me I had arthritis in my left knee because you felt my pain, I was blown away.  That was where I had been feeling pain for months and later that week, after a doctor visit, I was in fact diagnosed with arthritis!  You are awesome and I appreciate your gift and talent in bringing spirit into the lives of so many!
Thank you!
Milissa Castanza Seymour, M.S. C.H.

Hello Sandy,
I have been feeling compelled to write this email & tell you how much I appreciate our conversation/phone reading on June 12th, 2013. First of all, My mother came through & directed all. So happy to have connected with her~I have been looking for validation of signs that she is with me since she left this world over a year and a half ago! NO ONE knew that my mom had passed after a caregiver shift change in her home. My sister had told me several times about an odd dream with her husband who has passed. They were in an all yellow room with golden appliances! I was listening to the recording, it hit me that my mom was validating that dream for her. Also, I had just purchased yellow daisies a few days before our reading, which I rarely do. That brother in law, also came through in your reading as he was the male who was 56 and passed from liver cancer. I could go on with many other items, but I must thank you especially for my daughter. A young male, under 30 passed and you told me he "looked around the corner to say hi"!! You said he didn't have a wake yet nor was he buried, I would not have known those details. My daughter and her boyfriend were discussing his untimely death about an hour before our reading. You mentioned, Patrick or P name & that he was Irish. His name was Pete and he was a waiter with her at her restaurant. Pete became ill at work with her and died at the scene. You mentioned the name Sarah, my mom had an aunt named Sue who was really named Sarah.The most important item at beginning. You said my mom wanted to talk about a trip by water with no. 3 attached to it. All I could think of was maybe Jamaica...ha. We are having our 2nd Mi Familia Family reunion at our beach house by the Atlantic Ocean with my mom's side of the family during the 3rd week from the date we spoke.
Blessings to you!!
Thanks again,
Janice Spencer, VA
Wholesale Distributor & Stylist
Relics By Robin Jewelry

Hi Sandy,

I am so blessed to have had a reading with you...I got some of the greatest gifts in my life.  I have NO doubt you enabled me to communicate with my Mom & Nephew & that 99.9% of it was validated.  But, that that last 1% was also validated after the reading.  You said my Mom said something about the color yellow & asked if i knew someone performing on Stage (something along those lines) & said I I had missed it.  You asked why my Mom kept singing "You are my sunshine." I validated part because right beside me was a new YELLOW custom made phone cover, with a picture of my nephew with the words "You are my Sunshine" on the back.  That completely blew me away...but what I had completely forgotten about, was that my 6 year old Granddaughter had been on stage that morning in a school performance where she held a big YELLOW  Sun & sang... "You are my Sunshine!!!"  I  had a Dr appt 'during that time & had missed it!.  That was Unbelievable along every other validation!!!!!  ! I know that all things come from God. My Mom & Nephew did a phenomenal  job as well.  But Sandy THANK-YOU for your generosity and giving so much of yourself to so many just like me.  I'm sorry to go on but I'm so completely overwhelmed with.gratitude.  You made me feel so easy -like I was talking with a friend. God Bless you & your family.

With sincere gratitude...
Love and blessings,
Donna in.CA

I met Sandy about 5 years ago at a small party.  She was offering readings and everyone was lining up to see her.  I never believed in this type of stuff. Although I was skeptical, I was very curious.  I lost my Father in 2000, I always think about him and miss him terribly.  I  wanted to see if she had any special message from my dad. I decided to get my reading that day, and what Sandy said  to me was astonishing.  She described my father as if she had met him before.  She mentioned things that only I would know. But what really made me believe that she was real, was what she told me next. When I delivered my first child, my husband had purchased a disposable camera. When I had the photos developed  they had water marks little circles even a shape of an eye.  At the time I thought that the camera was defected.  Sandy said that my father wanted me to know that he was in the delivery room and to prove it  he wanted me to look at the birth pictures.....I thought to myself  "yeah right"!!  Sandy told me to look for water marks and little imperfections in the photos. When I came home from my reading, I went straight to see the pictures I couldn't believe it.  It was exactly what Sandy said and tears just rolled down my face.
Bessie Ktistakis
Pamper Aesthetics & Make-Up

How can I put into words my experience with Sandy? It was such a powerful and spiritual experience for me, my life is forever changed.  Sandy has done that for me!!  She completely brought me back to life, gave me hope and instilled my confidence. I  found that courage buried deep within my soul that I didn't even know still existed and provided me with comfort of knowing my relatives surround and guide me throughout my life . She is the most talented Medium I've ever encountered! Sandy has such an amazing gift and is truly an angel on this earth!! If your fortunate enough to cross paths with her you life will be forever changed by the message and comfort you receive from your loved ones through her ability to communicate with them. It is inspiring to see and something I constantly recommend to everyone I meet. She is full of light and love from God and the angels which you can feel throughout the session.  

My personal experience with Sandy blew me away!! She knew things no one else knew, private conversations I have had with my Grandfather since his passing that only my Grandfather could have known. During my reading with her I felt such peace in my heart and a sense of calm surrounding me. She completely validated things and experiences I have had. She will always and forever be an angel on earth! I have since experienced Sandy do a group reading which again was completely amazing! She read for 2 1/2 hours providing people with messages from their loved ones. She expressed comfort and compassion for the losses they've experienced all with a smile. In particular one person in that room still sticks out in my mind. She delivered a message from this man's daughter who had passed and you could see the grief and burden this man had been carrying around since she passed. Sandy delivered a message to this man from his daughter with such grace, finesse & compassion, the man could barely speak.  Every single person in that room could feel this burden and grief lifted from this man, she changed his life with a message from spirit. You could tell his soul had finally found peace and was healed. I found that experience very powerful and it restored my faith in the fact that God is all around us.
Sandy will forever hold a special place in my heart and the hearts of all she has touched with her powerful messages of love and life from the other side. I am in awe of her gift and am so glad my path has crossed hers because my life is forever changed!

Katie Burnett
Hicksville NY