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Reach Out to Sandy

Please feel free to contact Sandy's office to

inquire for any details regarding a reading.

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Phone readings: Please click on the PayPal or Venmo link to pay for your phone session. Once payment is completed please contact Sandy's office to schedule the phone session. Sandy does not receive your contact information via PayPal or Venmo, therefore you MUST call her office directly at (516)446-1412. Please specify if you need a day or evening appointment for your phone session. Sandy's phone sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.There are NO REFUNDS for phone sessions!!

Group Readings: Sandy reads for 2 hours Gallery Style at your home or office and it is a 12 person minimum. If you are looking to schedule a group, please let us know how many people you are expecting, where you are located, along with your contact information.

Individual Private reading: Please leave your location along with your contact information.

NOTE:  If you are interested in booking an Individual or Group reading with Sandy you must call her office at 516-446-1412 for any and ALL appointments. Sandy does not book appointments via email. Sandy does have a cancellation list that your name will go on automatically. Her office will contact you

via telephone when appointments

become available. Please inform her

office if there are any changes in your

contact information.

***NOTE: Sandy’s office hours are Monday thru Friday from 9AM TIL 6PM. Sandy DOES NOT text appointments!!

***NOTE: Sandy's office confirms ALL appointments 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date. ALL appointments that are scheduled MUST BE CONFIRMED WITHIN 48HOURS of the confirmation call. Due to the limited availability of dates, Sandy cannot hold your spot if a confirmation call is not received within 48hours.